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I am 7 days smoke free today! When do the cravings go away??? It's so hard! But I'm so close! Help me!


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You can do it! I did it and I will be honest, my cravings have not gone away 100 per cent. I have been a mon smoker for nearly a year, but when I quit the first time for five years, the cravings were still there. It's something you just have to deal with unfortunately but well done seven days is the hardest!

OP It's so hard!!! And I've been hiding out at home. Lord help me when I'm with my friends who smoke.
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Trust me, you can do it & it is so, so worth it!

For me, the cravings came & went for at least a year. It took another two years for me to find ciggies repulsive & then I knew I had won.

The only thing that got me through was deep breathing while reminding myself why I DIDN'T want to smoke. Everything from what I planned do with the saved money, getting fitter, no smell (you really notice the stink as an ex smoker and think eeekkk no thanks!), no trying to find a spot where I could smoke, not being owned by the cravings & worrying how I'd get through a long meeting or flight, things tasting better, skin clearer. Pick your reason & keep running it through your mind.
I also redirected the money I spent buying ciggies into travel savings so buying them would put my dreams further behind.
I also asked friends not to offer me any - they're so expensive it's unfair to ask anyway!

OP Yes!!!!! Thankyou I needed this. I'd love to go to Vietnam in the next 2 years so the money I would normally spend on cigs will now be my Vietnam fund!! I can do this!!
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 I did this too with the money, but you should also reward yourself short term . Maybe there is a a dress you haven’t been able to afford. Now you can. A small reward at the end of every week can also help you through. Go get you teeth cleaned aa well once you have passed say 3 months.
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You can do this!!!! The first 10-14 days will be hard but think to yourself, if you have done it for 7 long hard days, you can do just one more. And repeat every day. Don’t throw away the 7 (and counting days) you have done it for so far! Otherwise if would be wasted.
You’ve got this ;) go you!!!!!!!

I quit Nov. 2004. I still do not smoke. I still on occasion have a craving. I do what I always have done. I think about something else. Get busy doing something to take your mind off the smoking. Good luck. I was smoking 2 packs a day.