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Why are people having babies seeing the world is fu***d ?

Armed and masked police arrested two people as part of a counter-terrorism operation near an inner-Melbourne Anglican church.
Video footage on Friday showed a handcuffed man in a white forensic jumpsuit being led from near St Mary’s Church in North Melbourne to a waiting vehicle. A woman was also cuffed and arrested, according to reports.


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Maybe their children will grow up to make the world a better place. Look at all the young kids today interested in the topic of climate change. The next generation can hopefully fix past stuff ups.

Third world degenerate extremists will not dictate our lives.

I guess the idea is to enjoy the life we have and to maybe nurture our children and encourage them to be better people than we are so that maybe, just maybe, the world won't go to shit.

AGREE!!!!!! no way am I having anymore kids. I feel guilty for the ones I have and knowing I’ll leave them in this fu***d Up world one day