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Are there any mums out there that genuinely like watching kids shows? I love watching spongebob and more recently the loud house. I don't mind it even when the kids aren't there. Anyone else?
No comments from trolls please. This is just a cheeky confession xx


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Ben and holly is awesome, mostly for nanny plum 😂

 Yes! I love Nanny Plum 😂
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I liked having ABC 2 on as it used to be how I timed my day. I like the simplicity of kids cartoons. Octonaughts is my fav

Can't stand La La's Big Live Band. Makes me cringe. It's cheesy, patronising, dull, lazy animation, and the music doesn't even sound good. That bit where they all sing "la laaaaaa.... la laaaaaaa.... la laaaaa..." it's dissonant. Sounds yuk.
I think it's just some lame jazz band that wasn't good enough to make it big in the adult world. So they thought they'd try and be a KIDS group instead, because kids have no musical taste right?? Wrong.

 The over-enunciation is aaaawful!!! And the two main ones are married- yuk- imagine doing that all day with your husband
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Peppa pig is actually hilarious. Not all episodes, some are pretty basic, but occasionally there's some subtle humour in there for the parents.

Granny pig: (switches TV off)
Daddy pig & Grandpa pig: "Hey! We were watching that!"
Granny pig: (switches it back on)
TV commentator: "What an exciting finish! I am so glad I did not miss the thrilling end to that race!"
Granny pig: "There you go, it's finished now anyway." (switches it back off)

Madame Gazelle: "Grampy Rabbit has lost his voice!"
Dr Brown Bear: "Is that... such a bad thing?"

Hahaha well i find it funny anyway, maybe my humour has regressed due to constant exposure to kids tv.

You are not alone. I love spongebob too and Shaun the sheep. Hehe

Play school. My youngest is 8, but I still put it on sometimes. It's funny. And so is Sesame Street. It can be hilarious if I'm in a laughing mood. Even the older kids laugh at it, those muppet characters can be entertaining.

I like watching Paw Patrol and shimmer and shine. My kids watch then so it's good but some times I just want music or trash on

They actually make me feel depressed. The only kids show I can tolerate is the Simpsons and that's not even really a small kids show.