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Anyone had this problem? Millers hand sanitiser never received.

Answered 2 years ago

Did anyone else order hand sanitiser online from Millers for collect in store before stores were all closed? I paid $59.95 to Millers on 20 March and haven't been able to get a reply to my many emails asking for information. No sanitiser, no information and no refund to date. Just wondering if I'm the only one.

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2 years ago
Did you use PayPal or afterpay or anything similar to pay? You can open a dispute if you did. I bought something online from a chemist and used afterpay. I didn't receive my stuff for so long or get any replies. I wrote to afterpay and told them I thought I'd been scammed. They got in touch with the chemist and the chemist contacted me. It wasn't a scam they were just very busy. I still cancelled my order as I was not comfortable with it anymore and I got my money back. Thanks to afterpay intervening. Good luck x

2 years ago
Still waiting and so is my mother in law