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Confusing Drs Visit

I lost a fair of weight and want to lose a bit more as I still have stomach fat. I went to visit a Dr to make sure I was healthy. She said that I do not need to lose any more weight. According to her my ideal weight is 70kgs based on my height (170cms) minus 100 = 70kgs but she wants to to lose more stomach fat. I am currently 66kgs. It was my understanding that you can't just lose fat from one particular spot. My question is: should I ignore the Dr and continue try and reach my goal of 60kgs or not diet and just try to lose fat off my stomach only and if so how?


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I am personally 170cm and 66kg myself, I am a size 8 with a very low body fat percentage as I go to the gym 8 times a week, I used to be the exact same height (obviously) and I was 64kg but a size 12 because my body fat percentage was 21%, this is probably what your doctor means. You may need to lose body and visceral fat to lower your risk of serious disease. Off the top of my head I think a waist circumference of more then 90cm increases your risk of diabetes and heart disease.
Try some weight based training or Hiit rather than cardio, I do F45 and it has changed my life.

That seems an odd way to determine body weight. I'm 172cm and usually hover between 60-64kg, size 10-12. No way could I imagine that my healthy weight would be 72kg. Obviously everyone is different but I'd be inclined to trust yourself. Work on increasing muscle, that should help burn off the fat.

 Oh and you are correct, you can't target fat in a particular place. Fat around the stomach area is worse for you than on your thighs (for example), as it's closer to your heart and around internal organs.
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F45 - explains why you go 8 times/week ... Are you doing the challenge? Best of luck if you are!!! It’s addictive hey. I’m currently injured & miss it so much

 Yes morning session and night session 😍 some times it's more like 12 times a week with only Sunday off, if I'm stressed I do that but 8 is good number for me. I'm not doing the challenge this round but I LOVE it. I hope your injury heals fast x
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