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Cut off age for ask SAHM forum

What do you think should be the maximum age of your youngest child to be using this forum. For example my youngest is 10 and I'm still here ❤️


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It’s a public space and as such open for anyone so there shouldn’t be a cut off age. You maybe have noticed that even though most people posting are mothers, not all are SAHMs. And some here are grandparents, fathers, those not yet parents. Diversity means different view points and everyone should be welcome here.

 I agree!
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I’m not a Stay at home mum. My kids are early teens and I work full time. I often scroll through the questions and sometimes give a comment. I’ve never really thought of it as just for SAHM’s!

 Yes, I think there are plenty of men on here and people in their 60s and above...
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 I’m same gives me perspective and sometimes I give advice from my experience it’s nit a bad thing
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I think working mothers should create their own "Working Mothers" forum, instead of coming to a Stay at Home mum site and bitching out stay at home mothers and winging about how hard they have it by having to go to work.
But I don't think there should be at maximum age for the youngest child. If you've got children at home and you're not working but caring for them, then you fit in.

 Not a bad idea because they would more to talk about than what should I cook for dinner
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 But what about the mums who do both? Work part time? Should they get a separate one too?
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 Well ive never met a working mum who doesn't care for her kids as well but yeah im on 2 year mat leave, am i ' allowed' to come on hete?
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 And you do realise its not working mums but trolls who keep saying get a job, right?
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Maybe we should talk about cutting off thr trolls rsther than cutting off people who wish to contribute positively. I hate the total anonimity of this site. Even a user name would help to identify the total douchebags

Good question
Never understood why mums feel the need to be home for 18 years

 Why? Don't teens need a parent around too?
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 Sometimes teens need them the most. It depends upon the individual.
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 I think it would be really hard rejoining the workforce after 15-16 years at home.
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 No need to be home when kids are at school
You’re a lazy fat mum

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 At least I'm a mum. Infertile trolls don't have relevant opinions on parenting.
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 Infertile that’s harsh.
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 Infertile, that’s lucky
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 Im around for my teens but not a sahm...
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I thinks it’s just basically a forum for women to ask questions, and/or provide advice to others, so I don’t see the need for a cut off age.

 I actually meant to say it’s for women AND men.
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I think stay at home mum is just the name of Jody's website. You know like vegan mum and mum of 5 and all those others. I'm still gonna check them out even though I'm not vegan with 5 kids

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