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Why do some people put effort visiting someone when they are dying ?

My mum is dying and now out of the woodwork her brother is visiting her everyday
I am worried if I get sick before my sister she will be all over me like a rash


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Mortality changes your perspective I think. Once you’re faced with it you realise all those petty annoyances and fights are irrelevant. You realise family/loved ones and the time you have with them is limited. I’d rather have estranged family visiting all the time than be alone while on my death bed.

I suppose he doesn’t want to have regrets. Once your mum is gone, there is no chance to mend fences.

If, say you’re dying, then you don’t have to have your sister visit if you don’t want to. Let it be known now, so that if youre unable to voice that the. everyone who needs to knows. Also, if you change your mind let that be known too.