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What time did you get out of bed today?


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I have no idea. I'm not even sure what day of the week it is šŸ˜±

11ish. Kids are 3, 5 and 8 and they know how to work the Foxtel and make their own cereal and I'm sick AF. They came in and woke me at 8 when they got up but I just told them I was feeling well and I'd get up later woth them. God I love my kids

 Awwww bless šŸ™
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Around 7am. I get up every day, get dressed and pop on a bit of make up ready for the day.

 For sitting around the house?
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 If that's what she wants then who are we to judge? There's nothing wrong with taking a little pride in our appearance
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People got out of bed today? Wow, what a world we live in

11:30am. Feel bad but it was too cold and dark to get up. And I am staying up til early hours watching You Tube videos.

6:30am Every school day I had trouble waking them but not that it is the school holidays they are waking up very early.

10am. I have no motivation to do anything so I just stayed in bed even tho I was starving. God Iā€™m sooo bored.