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Birthday present suggestions for a girl turning 7 please ?


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This year I’m doing experiences not stuff. Find out if the nearest zoo do animal encounters, theme park vouchers, movie tickets, maybe a manicure if her parents are ok with it? Take her out for high tea, chocolate factory, cooking classes. Depends what’s in your area :)

 Too young for high tea
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 High tea is cupcakes and sandwiches, why is she too young?
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 Haha my daughter had her 7th bday party with her friends at a high tea at the Stamford Plaza. They loved getting dressed up and being treated like royalty.
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My daughter turned 7 yesterday, she got a "my generation doll' from Kmart, a finger print to make pictures kit, some slvanian family stuff, and shopkins stuff mainly, as well as new bathers and towel set, the usual cash from grandparents etc etc

It’s hard not knowing what she likes or is into at the moment m, but my daughter likes lol dolls from Kmart as well as anything to do with arts and crafts. She also really liked a tie dye kit with some white shirts she got for her birthday :)

Does she like dancing? I got my nieces (5 and 8) a "board game" of charades that is played by dancing the clues. I also put a cutw DVD called Leap. It's about a young ballet student who embraces being unique after struggling with wanting to be just like everyone else. A great message for kids and adults!

A nice necklace or bracelet, depending on how much you want to spend, a pretty dress or outfit too

I like the idea of giving experiences rather than actual presents. Purchase a yearly membership to the local zoo, aquarium, museum, pool etc. That way they can get plenty of use out of it and its not just more stuff that ends up laying around.

Does she have her ears pierced?
Maybe a nice pair of earrings or bracelet?

Hobby things (craft sport ect)
Gift voucher

It’s for friends daughter who lives intestate
Want her to have a gift from me