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What foundation dies everyone use?

I only wear it for work, and liked Clinique alot, but now I use body shop because of the price. Curious what other brands people like..?


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Phoera. Saw it advertised on Facebook. Gave it a go and it really is as amazing as the ad makes it out to be haha for once!!

 I'll second this. I have sensitive eczema prone skin but have had no problems with phoera. If I go to the effort of wearing makeup I like to look like I'm actually wearing makeup, the nude natural look isn't for me and phoera gives me that good coverage.
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Mac, Jeffree Star (AMAZING) Maybeline and sometimes nude by nature but not since I had a reaction which is sad because I used it for years and they must have changed their formula

But the new fav is 100% Jeffree Star his make up is incredible vegan and natural

Revlon, and dusty girls by moo goo but honestly need to change

NARS. It’s cheaper than Christian Dior but very similar. Gives me the coverage I like without being too thick or cakey (have a lot of freckles so like a decent coverage)

I can’t stand foundation and hate the look so use bronzer powders

 You must have good skin
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 No actually, I have freckles and extremely sun damaged skin. I find bronzer smoothed it out without feeleing “wet” and I’m super susceptible to breakouts even as a 30 yo (I was that pimple kid in HS and still have pimples at 33 sometimes 😩)
That’s why I don’t like foundation it feels so heavy and like my skin can’t breath at all.

I hardly wear makeup anyways so I’m probably the wrong person to be replying! I just find bronzer much “lighter” on my skin

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Revlon colorstay. I've used it since I was 16. Now I'm 39. I love it.