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How much money do you/ does your family earn?


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Wow my partner earns $47k a year and I earn nothing 😂😂 we are happy and comfortable!

 It's not what you earn it's what you do with it. It's completely true!!
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 Comfortable means you are well off
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I earn $75000 and hubby about $65000. I also get carers payment for my son who has high medical needs just under $3500 a year. I receive child support for my son (sometimes - huge arrears bill in the tens of thousands) but is meant to pay about $12000 a year.
So household income all up is around $155,000

 Do you really need a carers payment for your own son? Seriously? Taxpayers pay you to do what you should be doing anyway for a person you brought into this world? To top it off your annual marital income is $155k.
W T F.
This would has gone mad.

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 Wow. Of course she needs carer’s payment! And for your information, $155k is not a fortune as a single income!
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 Bet you are fudging the medical papers
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 Carers allowance is for people who don’t work
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 Lol, yes I caught that too. Someone is telling stories.
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 She means carers allowance not carers payment. It's only affected by income if u earn over 250 000. And if you were a carer on top of being a parent to your child you would know she absolutely deserve it!
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Husband earns around $110k. I started my own business a couple of months ago Made $1000 profit in the first month. On track to make $1500 this month.

Husband earns 145k and I earn 72k, he has a trade but doesn't work for himself yet and I am a retail manager.
We hope to start our own business relevant to his trade in a year or so or as soon as we have saved enough 🤞

 Good on you! Hope it all goes well 😊
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Hubby earns $250k a year and pays lots of tax
I earn $30k and Xmas new year we are going to America for 4 weeks
We have 6 kids and holiday will Cost $30k

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My husband earns around $80,000 p/a. Whilst I receive about $380 a fortnight from Centrelink (which I don't EARN, but I'm including here for an overview of how much money we have). We're in debt up to our eyeballs. We have a mortgage, car loan, personal loan, and school fees to pay. Plus living costs.
I'm hoping to get an apprenticeship soon and pay off as much debt as possible.

Depends on if it's a drought year or not. Farmer are some the biggest gamblers. Buy seed, spray weeds, fertilise crops costs a fortune them no rain, crops dead...

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Husband $75,000. I'm part time $23,000 this year but i didn't work the entire financial year. Total $98,000

Hubby earns roughly 200k and me maybe 30-50k depending how many hours I choose to work (we are both business owners) but mine is from home

 What is ur business from home? If you can choose to work extra hours and earn more? 🤔
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Me 47000, hubby 37000. And about to lodge a lump sum claim for ftb.
But without ftb we actually are fine financially, never miss a bill, eat great, kids get great presents at birthdays and xmas.
If we get ftb it'll go in our rainy day savings in case something dire happens.
We both pay more tax as we don't claim tax free threshold too so we just got 13000k back.
And we still have family holidays twice a year.

wow i feel poor now, $80,000 between us and 4 kids

 How do you do it?
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 Get a job
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 yes i will get a job thank you now that my youngest started school, unfortunately i don.t have family to watch my kids for me and by time i paid daycare fees for the kids if i worked it would take my wage and besides i liked raising my kids myself, and i actually didn't hear myself complaining neither? How about you get some manners? i just graduated psychology major which i did online through university of southern qld for past 3 years, so plan on using this to get into therapy/counselling, however we are in rural qld so not many jobs around but thanks again for your input....
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 If you want to be any good as a councellor maybe drop the raising my own kids superiority crap. It makes you sound pathetic and mean. And sexist. Does your husband not raise his own kids?
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 ^leave her alone. It is harder to stay home raising your own children than to have an au pair or nanny or dump them in day care.
Don't you dare shame her hard work. I'd like to meet you in a dark alley you nasty cow.

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 I'm a different responder, but don't you dare make mothers who have to with feel guilty for using daycares! That's just as awful as the other responder making stay at home mums feel bad for not working.
Why is it everyone's mission to make others feel shittyabout themselves

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We each earn about 70

 same. Or did i write this lol baby brain
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