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Son won't poo on the toilet

My son is 3 & has no problems weeing in the toilet. He even takes himself off & does it himself just has problems pulling his pants back up - no dramas there but he flat out refuses to poo. He has done it a few times & i thought we were all done but now he refuses to do it & asks for a nappy if i say no you need to use the toilet like a big boy he will just hold it in until we put on his night time nappy. I tried rewarding him with things when he did poo but now he just doesn't care about the reward. We could probably stop the night time nappy but that doesn't really solve the problem. Any tips for this please?


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My boy was the same. I asked him what reward he would really like, and that he would get it if he did 5 poos in the toilet. Little bugger did 3 the first day! They didn't sell the toy he wanted in the shops any more - he'd seen it at childcare. Luckily I was able to track it down online!

 Oooo i like that 5 poos - bigger reward. Thanks I'll try that one.
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Is he maybe worried about getting splashed by the water? Will he go on a potty?

My son was the same. He really wanted these dinosaurs and we said if he did the poo in the loo he would get them. That was lol the incentive he needed That day, he sat on the toilet for ages trying to do one😂. And of course, he did. We dropped his night time nappy too. He was 4. I guess you just need to gently encourage without pushing too much. And he will do it when he’s ready. It’s frustrating though, I totally get it.

My daughter is the same but she’s 4. It’s really hard!! I empathise! No tips because I’m obvi in the same boat!

My son did it too. When he turned 3 the potty fairy came abd took his potty to another baby who needed it because he was a big boy. We made a big deal of it and he had a prize when he did it. I also gave him a small amount of natural stool softener. He did it after about 2 days of holding on and we had a big celebration and he hasnt looked back. When we were transitioning from the nappy to potty for poos before the toilet i took his nappy off and put the potty in his normal pooping spot (he had a fav spot lol). That worked to. Some kids its just a slow process.

My son was the same, no amount of bribes worked on was a real struggle. Then one day he just did it himself, so my only tip is don't stress too much, try the bribery as it has worked for others, but if it doesn't work, it's okay. He will do it in his own time.