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What lengths have you gone to, to get ahold of some toilet paper, hand sanitiser, nappies or anything else that requires a bucket load of luck for some?


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We got sick of nappies running out here so decided to potty train our child. Figured that we are home anyway. Son is doing great for going in the daytime and we are using the nappies left for night time. After going to 9 shops to get the last packet, my hubby cheered so loudly when our son told him that he used his potty. It is perfect timing.

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 Well done! Ive been taking my 2 year old every morning to " water the garden" and it is finally kicking in!
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 Woooooooo!!!! Love a good outcome in these not so great times! Massive win for you guys!!
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I managed to buy 2l of hand sanitiser from a distillery in Melbourne. I am in remote WA!

 I hope it’s alcohol based. All i got was 500ml online from Melbourne too and it was expensive... in perth too
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Nappies I’ve been lucky, they’ve always been available when I’ve needed them. Hand sanitiser, I always have in the nappy bag and a larger pump bottle on the change table at home, so I was well stocked before all this nonsense panic buying began. As for TP, I’m lucky enough to have a self employed husband who’s business is considered an essential service and remaining open for foreseeable future. So he bought extra TP direct from his supplier at work and just brought a box of 48 rolls home the other day.

 Ooo baby! You are rich in so many ways! :)
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My ocd makes me buy either 2 or 6 anything.
Literally days before the panic began, I couldn’t I bought 6 rolls of toilet paper because I couldn’t get 2 of what I normally get. Everything else I already had but getting them in 2s as I see them.

 I do 3’s and 5’s
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Weirdly enough I always buy smart buy 18 packs 2 or 3 at a time because I have 4 kids and we seem to use lots, which worked out for me because suddenly there was no toilet paper but we still had 1.5 packs. Now things have settled down I notice toilet paper is staying on the shelves longer this week, so I'll probably grab a pack later this week. Been lucky phew!

I have friends who work at woollies who give me a heads up on when shelves will be stocked. I haven’t had too much trouble. I haven’t bothered even looking for hand sanitiser though, that stuff is like trying to find a diamond amongst a bucket of cubic zirconias.