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Is my husband being controlling or looking out for me

Answered 3 months ago

Ok so I'm happily married with 2 toddlers, recently entered an online competition to win 1 month of free personal trainer sessions and I won! My husband is not happy and said he doesn't want me to use them. Back story the PT was a topless waiter at a friend's hens party so yes I had met him before but who cares I'm not interested and just want to get fit. My husband is having a full on melt down about it and making me question myself. Am I crazy for wanting to redeem my PT sessions? Or should I say ok honey if this upsets you I won't redeem them. Ahhhh

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3 months ago
Get him to come with you? Ask if you can do it together - you might need to pay a bit extra.

3 months ago
His behaviour is certainly not "looking out for you." He's jealous. You're losing weight and doing so with a personal trainer who happened to be a topless waiter.