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Spit or swallow? Or other options?


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Just swallow. Easier and quicker. Don't have to get up and move lol. Have a drink nearby.

Swallow. I love how he tastes. We do mix it up tho. He loves to come on me, the usual places. His fav is kneeling between my legs (I'm laying on my back) and he goes up my body

My hubby tastes better post vasectomy. And yes he likes the taste of his own too.

I just pull away when he is about to cum. That stuff tastes nasty!

I swallow it because spitting means it has to linger in my mouth for a longer period!

Feed him cinnamon on everything possible makes it taste heaps better. If it tastes salty he needs to drink more water.... A professor told me this. No i was not sleeping with him

don't like it in my mouth but I'll happily let my husband cum all over my face

I try to gear myself up to swallow......and I usually do. But sometimes I dribble it half out and swallow the rest. I wish it would taste a little bit better 😳

I usually spit but when I'm really enjoying myself I swallow not often though

I spit it into his mouth

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 My husband shrieks like a girl if I wipe it on him even a little bit to be a smartass how do you manage to get it in his mouth??
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 He enjoys the taste.
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