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Has anyone called off a wedding, once everything had been booked and deposits paid?

How did you cope with family being upset about money lost in bookings, travel etc?


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My mum is extremely competitive, and must one up everyone. I got engaged (am an only child) and my mum started planning the wedding, which had to be better than my cousin's the year before. I started to add up the cost of which was being picked, and asked who was paying for it all. Was told not to worry. About two months before the wedding my dad said oh we need to pay for ... As its due now. I laughed and said Funny joke, his jaw dropped and he said did you think we were paying? I said mum said you were, mum said no I didn't. My fiance and I added it up and it was all around $25000, there was no way we could pay for it all, my parents generously offered to go guarantor on a loan for us. We thought about it, and considering it wasn't even our dream wedding we would have to call it off. We had to "split up" for a while. No one knows it was just to get out of the wedding. We still aren't married. My parents were not pleased to lose the deposit money, but mum still insists it's all my fault.

 That’s awful you felt you had to do that. Wouldn’t it have just been easier to have been honest?
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 Your mum sounds like a narcissistic bitch. Don't be like her.
Just elope.

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 Thats horrible! Im so sorry
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Yes my ex did. Money was lost but if we had gone through with the wedding and stayed together a lot more would have been lost. Some of my family were upset about deposits lost but they got over it.

I called off wedding to my alcoholic partner, but it wasn't a big thing, and so only a a couple of hundred was lost mostly on cake deposit and celebrant fees, and some decorations I think. But as it was only small, wasn't too much of a big deal, my friends and family were really understanding and my family for once was supportive to both myself and to my partner after we separated, and while he was trying to give up the booze.

No but we went to my husband's cousin's wedding a few months ago. 6 days later they were separated. If you're concerned the marriage won't last end it now and youll end up saving in the long run.

 Haha oh I went to a wedding, literally the same night it was over 🤷
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My friend did. She wrote a retraction and mailed it out to all invite recipients. The gossip was pretty bad and her family were upset, but all good in the long run.