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Cheap and comfortable shoes?

Does anyone know where to buy shoes that are good and cheap like below $100? I have flat feet , hammer toe and on one foot a bunion.


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You can see a podiatrist student at uni clinic for $10. They can help you

You can get cheap Croc imitations sometimes at Woolworth supermarkets and a range of other shops, believe it or not $5 (Five dollars) a pair. Rivers had them at one stage. You just have to keep your eyes open and grab them when they are in the shops, as they go quite quick. They last well, are very roomy and comfortable. I use them for gardening so have never seen how they go for everyday walking shoes.

I buy shoes by CROCS, great slip on, flatties for around $50-$60 all the time

Skechers are amazing, but around the $100 mark

 Love my sketchers too
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You get what you pay for generally with shoes. It is even more difficult when you have got foot problems. I have issues because I wore 5 inch heels for most of my working life, and eventually had to go to flatties. But I could not wear the cheap ones any more.
I now have to live in "Fitflops", that have heavily padded specially rubberised soles, and make you walk like you are barefoot. My hips ached terribly for the first 2 nights after starting to wear them, and they have a warning about that on the ticket that comes with them. They are over $100, but they last absolutely ages. I think they are only available on line now.
They are fabulously comfortable.
There is another brand called Skechers, that are renowned for comfort, and are used by nurses, who are on their feet all day. They are readily available in shoe shops. Again over $100.
I know this doesn't answer your question, but I hope it helps anyway.
You only get issued with one pair of feet in a lifetime, and I have learned from experience you pay a price if you don't look after them. These 2 brands are now the only ones I can wear and walk comfortably.