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The Gram

Is there a way to tell who's been looking at your account?


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Are you going to stalk someone?

 No i want to know if someone is stalking me
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 Except for stories. You can see whoever veiws then
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No. You do get an idea of who’s paying attention to your content by who’s viewing your stories, which you can see.

I have heard though that you can see who’s viewed your account if it’s the business type. Not 100% certain on that though.

Not that I can figure out. I was hoping with the reels you could see who viewed them but it won’t let me open that part 😂

I don't think so. If you upload stories you can see who views them.. could be a way though I'm not very tech savvy haha

The Gram? Really?? Are we trying to start another stupid 5min trend?

 Wtf are you on about?
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?? What is the gram?

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 Thanks for the answer i am not up with technology
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