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Blood clot in superficial leg vein also pregnant

Ok I'm 32 weeks preg and went to ed and was told I have a tiny blood clot in the superficial vein In my leg. They said its not deep vein thrombosis.
After I came home the pain has subsided. How can it go away so quickly? Has anyone had this and what does it feel like when it moved ?
I'm seeing drs again tomorrow having more scans Tuesday but my mind is racing today. I'm not going back to ed to tell them pain has gone away lol any advice thankyou in advance x


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Please don't use aspirin it has been found to cause problems for baby - including schizophrenia later in life - do mention this to your dr if they ask you to take it because this is new research

I was 39 weeks pregnant when they found it.

 Sorry this was meant to be a reply to the other message about blood clot in lung
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I got big clots in a superficial vein behind my left knee through my last pregnancy. Was initially put on aspirin, but eventually taken off it and used hirudoid cream to manage it. The pain and lumps go up and down depending on how active I've been, the heat etc. Every now and then the vein bursts and I get a massive bruise and no pain for a week or two. If it's a superficial vein, it's not going to end up in your lungs but it will break down and (in my case) reform

 Thankyou this eases my mind
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The blood clot could possibly be on the move. I had one in my lung whole pregnant. Be very careful and keep on the doctors.

 How did it resolve?
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 I had my daughter straight away then was put on a drip for 5 days and then clexane/warfarin for 6 months.
Then next pregnancy was on clexane injections as a prevention from the day I found out I was pregnant until 6 weeks post birth

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To add I haven't had any medication because they said there's nothing they can do until if it moves to a deeper vein

 I'm surprised they didn't put you on blood thinner. I had the injection "clexane"
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 They said they would only do it if it was in a deep vein
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 Was its in a superficial vein or deep vein
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