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Has anyone found out the sex using harmony?

Hi has anyone found out their babies sex using harmony blood test? I'm pregnant with my 3rd and would love to find out early I'm just concerned that it won't be accurate as I have had 2 boys so would their DNA still be in my blood?


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Yes. We did it at 11wks. Our main reason for getting it done was for the genetic abnormalities it tests for, finding out the sex was just a bonus. It's 99% accurate & recommended by obstetricians.

Thank you. Can I ask how much it cost you? Google is giving conflicting answers! I live in Victoria

 Depends where u go I think as I paid $420 but a work colleague paid $390.
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I know about 6 people that have had the test and its been accurate each time

I did it, but with the NIPT test, which is essentially the same as Harmony. It's accurate and cost me $450.00 which had to be paid up front. I was given my referral from the doctor, which had a phone number on it. I had to call, book my appointment and pay there and then with a credit card. They had to give me a receipt number to take to my appointment. None if it is covered by Medicare.