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What foods ‘must’ you have in your kitchen to feel ‘secure’ (hehehe) e.g I must have broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, milk, bread, milo, pasta, tomato and basil pasta sauce, flour....


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Eggs - when there's an egg in the house there's a meal in the house .

 Hahaha same!
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Cauliflower, potatoes!!!, bananas, coconut water, honey, canned tomato, pasta

 We are exactly the same, with grapes added. Vegan?
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 Yes! That's so random you picked it 😂
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 Haha I thought this immediately too

Although my reply was tomatoe bread and salt
This would be my extended reply. Lol but swap cauliflower for strawberries

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 (Expect that honey is controversial hahaha)
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Milk, bread, cheese, pasta, pasta sauce, mince, frozen veg,

Flour (both plain and self raising), eggs, milk, bread, margarine or butter, and some sort of sweetener. Whether that be sugar or honey or maple syrup. You can live off that. Also, potatoes.

I don't have a good supermarket near me only a small one in the town I live in so I do a huge shop every 2 weeks in a supermarket in a bigger town 70km away so I've become very efficient at making sure I have the pantry fridge, freezer and cupboard full. Frozen peas, corn, beans, meat like mince meat, chicken and steak, crumbed fish. In the pantry canned peas, canned fruit, canned corn, spag sause, tomato soup, stock powders, Vegemite, honey (we get for free from the bee keeper who puts hives on our property) jams which I make myself, sugar, flour, coco powder etc, curry, lots of long life milk we go through that quick, can tuna. In the fridge fresh veggies what ever is in season, cream, heaps of apples, and other fruit.

Cheese milk bread crackers cereals carrots pasta mince & snags in the freezer, bananas apples.

Long life milk or powdered milk
Baking powder
Chicken/Beef stock
Tinned vegetables/fruit
Tinned tuna
Tinned baked beans

If I don't have at least those things in the cupboard I would feel nervous, even though I could go a few weeks without using any of it I feel these things are for 'survival', like if my fridge and freezer shat itself, or I didn't get paid or I got flooded in. I think I would be able to get through about 2-3 weeks on this stuff alone.

Rice and eggs or cans of tuna, there is a quick and easy meal right there until i get to the shops!

Bread, milk, fruit, frozen veggies, pasta, pasta sauce, mince. Lots more.

Basically anything to make a quick easy meal such as spaghetti, toast, savoury mince.