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My husband never wants to do things without our child.

Answered 6 months ago

I sometimes want to have a date lunch or dinner or just an evening with my husband, just the two of us but thinks we should always have our 7 year old with us. Obviously I love our child (she’s the youngest, I have an 18 & 19 year old) but I need alone time with him. I’ve brought it up several times but he doesn’t get it. It’s upsetting. What do I do?

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6 months ago
weird. What does he say when you ask him why he thinks two parents should have all outings with their 7year old? Something to do with babysitters?

7 months ago
You organise the “date” have the older siblings look after the little one and send details to husband while he’s at work. Dinner at 7pm at xxx sally staying home with xxx. Look forward to spending quality time together xox
Surely he can’t reject that?!