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Children’s artwork

Do you keep everything your child makes at kinder/school? If you do/don’t what do you do with it?


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I scan (in Jpeg) all of my son's drawings, school work that I want to keep and then save it on our computer. If I can't scan it I then will take a photo of it. I then put them onto SD card for safe keeping. Christmas 2017, I printed him a book of his year of drawings, stories and pictures and this was also a great present for both sets of Grandparents. At time I do keep a fews things that he had made at school, but not much.

 What a great idea!
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Choose a favourite couple to go on the fridge and the rest get sent to the kids “art gallery” to brighten other people’s day 😉

 That’s a great idea, and if they ask to go and see the children’s art gallery?
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 It is “sent” away. Too far. They make lots of kids happy though. Has also made them quite interested in art galleries which I don’t think they would be naturally interested.
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I have some in those 20 pocket display folders and scrapbooks from when they were in daycare & kindy, now they are in school I throw all of their books (discretely) - unless there is something they want to keep, in which case they put it in their rooms. Random pictures, birthday cards, awards, certificates etc I put into a lever arch file with dividers to separate each year. It looks like I'll get 4 years maybe 5 per folder.
I keep meaning to go to Kmart and get one of those art photo frames that store up to 50 pages. At the end of the year you could file them away and start again.

Recycle. I keep a few really good ones. Use bigger ones as wrapping paper but mostly recycle.

No. Only the stuff they put effort into. I have a lever arch file with the plastic sleeves for each kid and it gets filled every year. Then I just store it, at the end of the year and their reports etc go in there too. Art projects like the construction boxes get tossed.

I also have 3 big picture frames on the walls of their bedrooms and pop their art work in there and change it every now and again.

I collected up a big stash before Christmas and bought some frames from the reject shop. I got my child to pick out the best parts they liked which we cut out and made a collage in the frames - as presents for the grandparents and then one for mummy and daddy.
It's funny because I did it to get her to get rid of a lot of stuff, but that framed picture of all the little 'best parts' looks really cute and I love it on the wall.

 I should add, we also used some bigger preschool pictures as wrapping paper.
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I photograph it all and print it 2 to a page and double sided and put it in a yearly document wallet.

Wish I had your problems

 What a stupid comment.
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I keep a small selection each year in a portfolio i got for each kid. The rest i take pics of and load onto a flash drive attached to the portfolio. I plan to display it at graduation or something maybe....

OP here, great ideas thank you, we wrapped some for Christmas presents this year too, we have a cork board in the toy room that we put the special ones on, I feel so bad throwing it away when they put so much effort into it, they just bring home sooooo much, it’s hard to store and keep organised.