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Issues/friendship- girls

Answered 2 years ago

I’m just wondering if some of you could share your situations and stories. I tutor in a high school and I get parents call me asking me to change things based on issues in the class with other girls and I can see why. I do see girls say semi hurtful comments at times without realising it(starting as young as year 4), but being female I can see them sting the other girl (commenting on a skin problem they have), Showing off because they are insecure or overly proud- to the detriment of the other person, or just gossiping something they overheard with urgency when it was none of their business(I know they are nice kids, but they just don’t see the harm or help it!) and it again hurts the recipient. It seems tough to be a girl.

I do remember these things In highschool and feeling it was tough, but being a tutor at this new school and working one to one/two to one, I can really Sympathise now and confidence really gets knocked around- anyone else think this? I don’t think I’m overly sensitive, but probably overly aware. I work with boys too, but this element is not so obvious, I don’t need to watch what I say, I certainly never have a parent contacting me for these issues..

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2 years ago
It all comes back to the mother of the child if she is of low awareness or basically mean girl than her child will be the same. The sensitive kids and adults in her path will be targets. The best thing for you to do is have boundaries for both yourself and your professional decisions. Work with the parent but be very clear what the boundaries are so the expectations are clear and transparent. Inform the head teacher and other teachers of your proposed rules to ensure they are aligned to theirs. The teachers that struggle have no boundaries and the experienced ones do and clearly communicate it. It is the experienced ones that get the respect. You are there to be respected not liked. They are two different things but important to know.