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Just making a happy post

On Monday morning I woke up bleeding at 39 weeks pregnant. I was absolutely terrified I was losing my baby. Got rushed in for an emergency cesarean and my little girl was born. For the first 24 hours I was convinced I was dreaming and she wasn’t out safe and healthy. But she is. She is perfect in every way. I am just so happy that she is ok. I didn’t want anyone to think I was crazy so didn’t tell them about all my concerns and it’s finally hit me. I had a little cry but now feel so happy. I never want to let her out of my sight. She’s so beautiful and so good. There’s no question, just really wanted to get it all out and have a little brag moment.


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Congrats babe. Brag all you want. My oldest is 26 and i still do it 😂🥰😍

Aaah Congrats! Enjoy your little girl. Lots of love ❤️

Answered by SAHM Staff

Congratulations!! We're so glad that you and your precious little bub are ok xx

I'm 36 weeks and I'm still in denial about my entire pregnancy just in case something bad happens... But I'm so happy everything is going great for you ♥

Congratulations on your new little girl 👶🏼🎀

Congratulations im so happy you and bub are ok. Can I ask what you called her? Were currently on the hunt for a girl's name and I don't like any. I'm fussy haha