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Added by SAHM Staff. Answered 1 year ago.

Hi everyone!

Thank you for your feedback on the latest changes. We have been taking it all in and gradually implementing more and more improvements to Ask SAHM over the past week.

Some of the latest changes that we have just released are listed below:

- Added a character counter to show how many characters are left on each Question/Answer/Reply.
- Added a "Sort By.." dropdown for the Answers.
- While viewing a Question, the Answers with the newest Replies will now be shown at the top by default.
- Added a New filter that only displays the latest Questions, and when they were created.

We are continually keeping an eye out for any issues, areas for improvement, and do appreciate everyones patience while we continue to release these updates to Ask SAHM!

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1 year ago
Thanks for adding the New Filter!