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Husband who thinks you are having an affair (but you aren't)

I was really interested in the answers to an earlier question. From your personal experience if you are innocent but your husband suddenly becomes suspicious you are having an affair is that because he has been having one?


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So i'm the opposing. I was having an affair and hubby kept asking. I'm sure they get dreams and premonition's. Maybe there is some kind of other deceit going on in your situation.

Not necessarily but it did happen to me. My husband began accusing me of an emotional and physical affair with a male friend. My (now ex) was actually the one.

If it's completely out of the blue and you're not giving him any real reason to be suspicious then yes, he could be trying to accuse you to take attention away from himself. Also could be mental illness or drug use aka paranoia.

Dunno, my husband used to be an abusive alcoholic and would accuse me of having an affair always.. Has done rehab and counselling since though, but he still doesn't know why he accused me.

My ex would periodically accuse me of cheating during our relationship which made me feel like absolute shite as I was very loyal and did everything I could to make our relationship work. And it turns out he cheated multiple times through the whole marriage. So probably the guilt/shame caused him to feel paranoid and try to accuse me.

 I don't think there's guilt or shame involved they're just assholes
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