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Ex-husbands new girlfriend putting my children as her profile pictures...

My ex has a new girlfriend. About 6 weeks in. She has 1 child. I have 3.
Her profile pic is of my ex, her and all the kids. Her cover pic is just my kids with her kid.
I don't give a f**k about my ex BUT i am not happy about my children being her profile pics.
They are my children, they have a mother who loves them and i am careful with my facebook. I have no idea who her facebook friends are.
I asked my ex to remove it but he said its not his facebook so he has no control over it. Obviously he has no balls to ask her.
I know my ex and i know for sure that if my boyfriend had done that, that he would have lost his shit.
My bf once posted a pic of my son to his fb wall and i asked him to remove it.

I can't seem to let it slide and I want to message her and ask her to remove it....but she'll probably just block me....


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My exes partner kept posting photos of my kids to her facebook while referring to them as "her boys". I kept totally calm. I picked up my phone and sent a well mannered text to the ex - Can you please tell Shelly that if she calls MY boys HER boys ever again I will drive down there and punch her fu****g face in. Cheers.

 Hahaha love this. Shelly you s**t
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Just send her a message. Explain that you are doing your darnedest to keep pictures of your kids off the internet. It's not that you don't trust her or her friends and family but once pictures are up it becomes much easier for unsavoury characters to find them. You've been doing trying to make their internet footprint almost non existent and would appreciate her help with this. You think the pictures are lovely but would appreciate it if she would please take them down.
Be polite, flatter her. After all, you catch more flies with honey ;-)

 Grow up
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 It's true. I know someone whose beach family pics were taken from her profile and used in holiday brochures!
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Only 6 weeks and shes already playing happy family? She sounds crazy

 Yes and she has probably only known the kids for a week.
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 Me ex does this with all his girlfriend's after our marriage break down. Moves them in within a month playing happy families
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My exs new partner looks 70 (in the shade) she posted pics & tagged him. One of his friends replied that they thought his grandma had passed a few years ago.... that it was good that his children got to meet her!
The problem solved it self.

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Just ask her (very nicely) and tell her that while it is lovely that she has accepted your kids, it makes you uncomfortable to have pics of them posted to an account where you have no control over who sees your kids. If she doesn't listen, then report the pics to fb

So what happened? What did you do? Did the pics get removed? Are her and your ex still together?

Go see and her ask her nicely. Take some cake or some shit!
That's plan A. Plan B is to lose your shit with hubby not her, he needs to grow a pair.
Different situation my ex had pictures of the kids public, the picture was at a local park the back ground showed where we were (lived) he went to jail for dv related stuff. I was approached in the local shopping centre by some bloke he had pissed off inside. Unlike me i completely lost my shit. Police were called by bystanders . People need to understand sometimes there are conquences.

 Maybe just cake, shit might not go down so well
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i would be livid!!! What is wrong with your ex? Any parent who is trying to play happy families after 6 weeks is a fool. She shouldn't have even met your children yet. They've already endured the break up between you and your ex which is one break up more than they should have been part of. So now they have to meet every new girlfriend he has and go through a dozen more break ups? Total lack of empathy and consideration on his part! And people wonder why their relationships go to pot over discipline and shared toys and porn - can't we all agree to spend several months ATLEAST getting to actually know somebody before you subject your kids to that person then you may just find out if they have a drug alcohol violence or abuse issue before they have access to your kids!!

I suppose you would rather her exclude your kids? Oh wait you would probably whinge about that!

 Yep she would complain like f**k. You cant win with these women
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 When its only been 6 weeks its not excluding her kids...
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 Many people don't like people they don't know well putting photos of their children on Facebook without consent, myself included. Everyone I know asks my permission to put photos on Facebook, we all consider it courteous and polite. You can let near strangers put photos of your child on Facebook but it's not somethibg that everyone finds acceptable.
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 Children have a human right to privacy. Their mother is doing the right thing to protect that and as she said that goes both ways she did not let her boyfriend put a pic up so your accusations of hypocrisy to her are clearly misguided. Different people have different ideas about privacy but it is basic manners to ask a childs parents before you put their pic on fb. The thing is though, their Dad is equally their parent and he may have a totally different view.
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 So true.. I wish women can also put themselves in a stepmother's shoes. Its hard work in all forms to take good care of a other womens child. Moms should stop being jalous and rather use that energy on embracing a good stepmother for her unselfish love. Social events will have the kids in it, so should happy memeries be hidden for selfish reasons. Mothers post happy memories with their kids, What about the fathers happy memories with the child or should he tell the stepmother you cant be in the picture. Embrace stepmothers that carry your kids emotionally, and financially on their arms.
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Why can't she love them? You should stop being bitter and be happy that she loves your children enough to show them off on Facebook. It could be a lot worse.

 Loving someone that soon, really. If they couple doesn't work out, the child will be hurt again, he is already going thru it with his own parents. I don't know if you have gone thru it abut when you do and its your child lets see how you feel.
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 A little over-protective. My parents broke up when I was 8. I met several partners of theirs who weren't in our lives long but I'm glad I met them. Some loved me quickly too. Sometimes the best support you get is from something a person says to you at the right moment. One sentence can last a lifetime. I'm happy they accepted me as quickly as they did even if they were suddenly gone. My childhood felt a lot like travelling: meeting dynamic people you never forget, but never see again can shape you for the positive just as much as a long relationship sometimes.
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Ask her to take the kids photos down as they are underage and unable to consent. I don’t allow photos of my kids online at all. I tell family and friends that I wouldn’t like all of my childhood photos out there for every Tim Dick & Harry to see. And that if when they turn 18 they choose to do so they can, but until then it’s not ok. FULLSTOP!
Keep emotion out if it; it’s just basic child protection and you are their mother.

I would just be asking her to remove them, if she doesn't that's out of line they are your children and should have asked both parents before posting anything. I ask friends first if I can post a picture if it has their kids in it.
It's called respect and understanding that not everyone wants their kids on Facebook or any type of social media.
I'd be upset to, say something your ex needs to step in if she doesn't not really a good start to a happy blended family if she can't be respectful

It's not safe to have pictures of your kids on Facebook. After reading advice from police I've removed all pictures of my kids. They have a right to privacy too.

 Once they've been posted they are in cyber space forever. Doesnt matter if you delete them from your fb account.
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Doesn’t give a shit about her ex but yet stalking Joan new gfs Facebook get the f**k outa here crazy bitch

 We are actually going thru this situation. My daughters ex's new girlfriend is posting pictures on FB. Neither my daughter or her ex are on fb. BUT there are a lot of mutual friends (including the womans own family) that find it disgusting that she is posting pics and writing about my grandson and her littler girls boyfriend one minute, or her happy family the next. This started at 3 weeks into the relationship and it is now 7 months the woman has not stopped. When people tell you about it, it is not stalking. If it never happened to you, you don't know what it feels like. The women posting the picture apparently have issues. I say go have your own child!!!
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I don't put my own kids in my profile pic. My child gets to decide when they are grown, what images of her are displayed on the web. While I am proud of their achievements, I do not need to plaster their image on Facebook nor family profile photos to reinforce how much I love them and am proud of them. I would be very upset if another adult displayed my image publicly like that whether it be an exes new squeeze, a family member or another parent.

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 No she's normal you're the idiot
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