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Migraine help!!!!

My husband has his first migraine. It started yesterday and got alot worse today. I took him to the doctors where he was injected with somethibg to help with the migraine and also meds to stop the vomiting. But it hasn't touched the sides. He also got a script of Zofran and 30mg codein tablets. I've never experienced one so I have no idea?? Is this normal? I thought the injections would have helped. I'm so lost!! I've never even taken stronger pain meds so I have no idea. He took 1 30mg but maybe he should take 2?


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I would go to the Emergency Room. As you don’t know what pain killer he was injected with you don’t want to overdose on codein though he could take two at a time. Also they can rule out anything like meningitis if need be.

Hope everything is work out with your husband... 💕💕

Take him to a chiropractor, after 13 yrs of crippling migraines I saw a chiropractor for an alignment and have had a migraine since. Its took 3 visits over 4 weeks, I haven't had a migraine for 2.5 years.

Thank you everyone. Unfortunately it's not good, he is currently in ICU diagnosed with bacterial meningitis.

 Fudgen hell. Hope he is ok! Good luck xox
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 So lucky you took him to the hospital and didn’t stay home thinking it was a migraine. Good wife you are ❤️ Hope he’s ok soon
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OP Thankyou, something was telling me it wasn't normal. He ended up having a seizure (from the high temp I assume) and I had to call an ambulance.
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 Fark how scary 😨😨😨😨😨 you poor things. I really hope he’s ok and starts to get better soon.
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He is asleep right now. I told him if not getting better were going to the hospital. Mainly because of the back story. This all started after he was exposed to illegal chemicals at work. He has been seeing a doctor but got out of control today.

 Christ if he’s been exposed to illegal chemicals at work I hope you mentioned this to the gp, and not just saying he has migraines? I hope it’s just a migraine but sounds pretty intense and scary. Goodluck
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 I would be putting in a work cover claim ASAP
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OP Yes it was mentioned and work cover claim has been done. We are currently in hospital
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 OP, I hope your husband is feeling better soon. Give us an update when you can.
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 Oh no!! I hope he’s ok?! ☹️
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Migraines are often triggered by food. My dad was cured by a medical dietitian. No eggs, chocolate and oranges and no refined foods so all whole foods
Never had another attack

 My brother would get them from chocolate and cheese
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I have had migraines previously and I expect the injection is the same as the tablet they gave me. It doesn’t work if it is not a migraine. If he is not getting relief then I expect it is not a migraine and other things need to be investigated. For a migraine keep him in a dark cool quiet room. plenty of water and no light. Every noise is intensified, light makes me vomit with pain, and the cooler the room, the better. If it is migraine, the injection should let him sleep a lot of it off, but they do recurr so you will need to get a script for future episodes.

He needs to stay hydrated, sipping water, hydralyte icypoles. He needs a very dark room with either a cold or warm compress depending on the pain he is feeling. He could have some aspirin to help thin the blood and a gentle neck massage if he is up to it. It will go away and sounds like he is in the thick of it. After the migraine goes get him to take aspirin and magnesium tablets every day but unfortunately there isn't much you can do other than rest and ride it out

 If he is on any sort of blood pressure medication do not take aspirin!
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