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Always giving!

I feel like im always giving to people.
My mum, family, friends, and no one does anything for me or thinks of me.
Im feeling so alone.
I have a husband and two boys.. and feel like we have been busy and dont even sleep in the same bed for a year as the kids sleep with us.
I have friends i do so much for and feel like no one does anuthing for me
People say i have a big heart but i just feel taken advantage of .
Maybe it was our childhood.. whilst it was good. My mum never made me feel like i was wanted. She always favoured my brothers. Im the only girl. I was called fat by her. I was only 8 years and old and probably a size ten. Im always ignored at meal times and she always asks the boys what they want and what she can make for them blah blah blah. But when something happens im the one she calls as the boys are too busy in theit lives.
Im just feeling alone and depressed
Also pregnant which im excited about

Just feel like im always giving, giving, giving


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Stop giving and start saying No.

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Maybe you need to make yourself less available to others and focus on yourself and your family. Yes, be selfish. As crap as it sometimes is, you cannot force people to behave a certain way. Maybe if you expect nothing at all from your family you will save yourself a lot of disappointment, and the times they actually do consider you in any way you will be pleasantly surprised.

Practice saying no. Start out with little things. Turn your phone off at certain times, tell people you need a break. Learn not to feel guilty about giving yourself what you need before others. Once you master these few things saying no or telling people enough is much easier.

I’m in a similar situation. I took a step back. A big step. Of course I’m the bitch now for not running around after everyone but I feel so much better not having to deal with everyone’s expectations.