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How do invite someone over for a bbq without it being weird?

I’ve met this friend online and we caught a couple of times for coffee. Now she is back at work so it is hard to catch up during the week. I wanted to invite her and her hubby/kids for a Saturday bbq at my place, but I am scared it will sound weird?


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You: "We should catch up again soon!"
Her: "Yeah we really should"
You: "How about a BBQ at mine with the fam?"
Her: "Ew, no. Omg you are such a creep, what a wild and terrible thing to ask"
Lol she will be like sure.. stop stressing.

 Yes I think worst case scenario is "nah we're busy sorry"
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Bless you for asking this question and all those that have answered... warmed my heart ❤️❤️❤️

Just write hey how are you, we are having a BBQ wondering if you and the kids and hubby want to come

 Thanks :-)
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 Make it sound really casual! Like "it's BBQ weather again? Thinking of having one on Sat if you guys wanna come? "
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Not weird babe, just ask her

 Thanks. I am extremely shy and always scared to look “weird” to people.
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My neighbor invited me to one this weekend. We were both out the front and talking and she said "we're having a bbq this weekend if you wanted to come over". I think they're a fantastic way to get together personally, and not weird at all 😊

 Thanks! I am extremely shy so it is always hard for me... I’ll keep it a casual, just like you suggested. Thanks you so much!
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Hi Chelsea, haven't caught up with you in a while. I was thinking of having a BBQ this weekend if you want to come?