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Clothes to wear at home or run errands

As the title describes I am specifically looking for clothing suggestions to wear to wear at home Orrin errands in. The only clothes I own is pajamas, active gym wear, good going out clothes and work uniform.

I am going to be a new mum I don’t want to be in my pajamas, active wear or good going out clothes if just having at home days or need to nick to the post office etc. What at home/errand clothes do you recommend I prefer to have 3 summer and winter options. No long sleeves even for winter and no track pants of any description as I don’t feel comfortable in them so essentially something I can put on and not think about


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I am always dressed, I never wear tracksuits or pajamas unless I’m in bed. I work part time in a professional job but on my SAHM days I wear jeans with a nice top and a pair of wedges/heels or flats.

Go for a relaxing walk around the shops. Look whats on the racks, in the Window displays and what people around you are wearing. Think about what you think looks nice that you'd be comfortable in. Try some stuff on, and don't listen to the sales staff. They want your cash, not your best interests.
Now put your bloody feet up and stop working so hard 😊

 Thanks but I hate shopping and dread it so for me I kinda want to create a capsule house/errand uniform
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Jeggjngs, tshirts, denim shorts, even casual maxi dresses. If I’m at home and not cleaning or having visitors I stay in my pjs, if I have visitors I throw on one of my maxi dresses, if I’m cleaning I have a couple of cheap t-shirts and cotton shorts that I wear.

 Bet you’re too fat for jeggings
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 ^^go take a bath. Your c**t stinks
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In summer, shorts or skirts with tee or tank depending on the weather. In winter, jeans leggings hoodie or Cardi. In between seasons, layer. If the morning is a bit cool and the day is going to be warm, I just wear shorts and a tee and pop a light jumper over the top.

 This is pretty much me too
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 Hoodie? Isn’t that what teens wear? I prefer to dress more feminine and classy but still casual.
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Remember you will be a new mum so don't go for anything that needs ironing! Jeans and a few tops to mix and match, perhaps with patterns so the baby spew up blends in because you WILL end up wearing it unfortunately! For during your recovery time from birth I recommend jogger pants, they are stretchy at the top and comfy anf light but not tracksuit and can get some really nice ones. Also if breastfeeding, look for the maternity tops or shirts with easy access for breastfeeding and someone else mentioned the waterfall cardigans they are good for feeding and also light

I started my closet freshly by buying staples, things I didn’t mind wearing over again and I could mix-match. Cool thing is my friends said they never noticed that I kept wearing the same denim jacket.. leather jacket etc you just have to know when and when not to re-wear lol

i have a answer out of all your clothes do u have clothes that u don't wear a lot or don't like wearing any where use them as your house clothes or colours you don't like wearing outside use them as house clothes also why by new to wear around house go to thrift or second hand shop

 No I don’t have clothes I don’t wear and all the clothes I have is semi formal to formal so really need ideas and suggestions on house clothes
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I like my zip off cargo pants. Use summer or winter, and pockets to hold keys, phone, tissues etc if you don't want to have to dive into the nappy bag for every little thing. Also just bought some casual shorts and pants from Aldi, they can roll up to change the lengths. Very comfy and stretchy waist bands but not track pants. I have plain solid colour t-shirts and wide strap singlet tops that go with anything. Favourite zip up hoodie (Easy access when I was breastfeeding), and those waterfall cardigan things that don't have any buttons or anything- good for cool days and light to carry if you take it off.

 Oh and I have a favourite pair of pull on skinny jeans which can be dress up with fancy top, or go casual with t-shirt
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