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When you put money in a wedding wishing well, do you put your name to it or is it anonymous?


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I put it inside the card. So, no its not anonymous. I guarantee though, unless they keep a spreadsheet of this, they'll forget who gave what. Unless it's an unusual amount. I have no idea who gave us how much. Or even who gave us none (we were all pretty young and broke then). The present is the bonus. The presence is the gift.

I always put it in a signed card. And that is what people did at my wedding too.

I think it should be anonymous. I would hate for people to feel compared or push themselves for something they truly can’t afford. People put too much pressure on people.

 If I put money in I'm going to tell them it's from me.
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 I’m just stating my preference for my wedding. I feel like people hosting weddings put way to much pressure
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How much do you wanna put in ?

 Mother in law is invited to her friends sons wedding. She wasn’t sure how much to put in. I suggested $50- $100.
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F**k that. Weddings are about marriage. Not about gifts.
Give what you want/ can. It's the card that counts.