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How would you feel if your daughter came home with henna tattoo on her face ?


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I'd be happy at the fact that she didn't do something stupid like getting a permanent face tattoo.

Traditional design? Cool.
I'd honestly be concerned for the poor fool that did it to her. Either of my daughters. My girls are both 4, and 9, and love tattoos. My husband has some and they take great joy in colouring the unfinished ones in with textas, and drawing their own on him and themselves. The poor bastard that shows them how henna works would probably end up knocked out with their shit stolen.

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Depends if it’s tasteful... As it’s only henna it will fade soon anyway.

 Are any face tattoos tasteful?
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Depends on the age. 7years old and tell me who to kill. 17 years old I would ask her what’s going on with her work/love life. 27 years old I’d ask her why she didn’t take me with her 😂

Personally I’d be very concerned but only because some people are very allergic to the product that makes the black henna “black”, seriously google it!! My husband had the reaction from one in Thailand when we were in our early 20’s. The reaction came out the same shape as the tattoo but red and protruding. Also means he is allergic to most hair dyes FYI😬😬😬
the reaction only showed up once we got home.