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Where is the best, least visible place to get name tattoos?

My parents would disown me if I got a tattoo so would like it hidden.


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Why do you need names tattooed on you? Are you likely to forget them?

Get it wherever you want it, your an adult with your own kids, your parents will just have to deal with it :) I have my babies and husbands name on my wrist and arm, my parents didn't like it but I don't care, my choice

I have 5 with one on my ribs. A word of advice if you cant handle pain then I wouldn't get your ribs tattooed. It hurts like nothing else. I would even take childbirth over getting my ribs done again. If you really want to get the tattoo then do it. Don't worry about what others think. Tattoos are an extremely personal thing, not everyone approves of them. That shouldn't deter you if you are serious. If your not then dont waste the artists time.

Your family will get over it. Mine did..... I never thought they would ( show them somewhere public, i did in a cafe.... After i finished my meal of course lol) Get it where you want. No point having it if you can not see it. Face, neck & hands are bogan in my opinion. Partners names are even more bogan ( unless said partner is dead) .... Relationships do not always last forever lol really who cares what i think or anyone else cause its your body to decorate however you please!
Theres a tattoo convention on at the sunshine coast soon if your nearby. Facebook ink attack. You will get a zillion of ideas there & if your lucky enough a booking

 I told my dad the day I was booked in to get mine that I wanted a tattoo then I came home with one. He kicked and screamed and chucked a tantrum for all of 2 days then was over it. (Yes I know my father acts like a 2 yr old, but hey what can I do lol) His reaction when I got my belly pierces was even funnier again. Trying to get the courage to get my tongue done next. Should be interesting haha
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 Careful with the tongue. I really messed up my teeth
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 Op here - lol my dad would probably have a tantrum for a month but anywhere I can hide from him. And with your tongue you can get dental safe bars, they don't mess up your teeth as much then you just can't chew them, but you won't chew your tongue bar anyway lol.
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I'd go low like c/sec scar area.... Makes sense as that's where you carried your kids anyway

Ur butt. Lots of fat so no pain. And they are unlikely to see it there

 That's where I have always wanted it, but it is my children's names and I don't know, is that tacky or boganesque?
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 Do you wear bikinis? If not there are more places to hide them. They'd be more tasteful for kids names :) maybe your chest, small. I've got to. Both visible though.
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 No I don't, well not around family anyway lol. I wouldn't mind somewhere where I could see it and was thinking down my side but below my ribs, they are meant to kill and pain isn't a fun thing for me.
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Ribs under your arm. How often will your parents see your shirtless

I got my daughters name on my back on my ribs. No one except my husband has ever seen it

 It didn't hurt that much, I have two on my feet and they hurt so much worse
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Why do you care what anyone thinks? If it's your kids name get it where you feel comfortable. I have my sons on my wrist, my name in Gaelic welsh with the first initial of my family on my back hip and a trailing butterfly up my back with another, my star sign on my other wrist. I don't care what people think or where they are placed, they are special to me and each tattoo is significant.

Don't get one. I got one 9 years ago. I can't see it. Its on my back. No one else sees it so there is no point even having it. Waste of time and money. Go change your hair or buy some nice jewellery instead. Better way to spend money.

 Thanks. I have thought long and hard about it over 7 years and have never changed my mind but can never know where to put it so it's still visible to me and not anyone else.
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