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I just can’t keep doing housework over Nd over

It’s endless. Omg. If I knew this is what it would be like .....


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I know what you mean. It has gotten to the point for me that I have done it so much that I actually enjoy it. WTF is wrong with me. I was so happy because today is such a good clothes drying day and I got 3 loads of washing out and in by 3 pm, yaay me. Its pretty sad when the best part of my day is getting the washing done.

 Haha I feel the same.
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 Same. I used to hate it! Now I get a sense of pride and accomplishment from it. I have 4 kids at home and work full time but still manage to run a tidy household. My kids have chores to help me out everyday (feed dogs, take rubbish out, feed chickens etc) but I actually enjoy doing the washing. Don't ask me to fold laundry though! Nope nope nope! I fold my own, Hubby and kids fold their own.
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I have started delegating.
Eat breakfast/lunch/dinner, everyone washes their dishes and puts them in the rack (little ones, including 1 yr old, just put in the sink).
Dirty clothes go straight in the washing basket in their room and the oldest takes the basket once a week and sorts the washing, and is just learning to put a load of washing on. I'm hoping by the end of the month she'll have it down pat and will put a load on every night. (She actually loves doing laundry so it's a win/win).
Once dinner is finished all kids tidy it up the lounge room and dining room and the 4 year old vacuums the loungeroom while the 7 year old tidies the bathroom and toilet.
Next job is to get into the habit of tidying the bedroom for 2 minutes before they jump into bed.
Im saving to get a robot vacuum and mop so all I'll have to do in terms of cleaning is a good vacuum and mop once a week and deep clean the bathroom and kitchen as needed, sort the clean laundry (which the kids then put away) and keep our room tidy.
All I can suggest is to start them young so it just becomes habit, and then it's not a chore.

I have a cleaner that comes weekly and despite this I still clean/tidy/wash every single day. Kids are messy (luckily they are so cute) 😊