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Serious question

Ross and Rachael , were they on a break?


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Yes. Rachel asked for one. Then they actually broke up for a while, when Ross slept with someone else the first night of enforced said break.

I don't give a crap if they were on a break. How disrespectful was Ross for dropping his dick in someone else's box like 20 seconds after they went on a break?

 Amen! Even though Ross is my fave haha
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 He did the same to Bonnie. Serial cheater.
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 Didn't cheat, they were on a break
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OP I feel like everyone totally forgets Rachael was on shady ground with mark.

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 Ross is still my fave but come on man have some respect for the girl who claim to love
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 Yep it's soooooooo rude to bang someone straight out if the gate. Your basically showing them they never meant anything to you, just another piece of arse, thank you Next.
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OP Ross didn’t cheat, but what Rachael did with mark was borderline cheating.

And Rachael was shady as f**k to Bonnie; like such a bad human to her.

Rachael was actually way shadier to Ross on a whole, not to mention the whole gatecrashing his wedding .

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 I think they both treated each other pretty badly through the course of their on off relationship. Ross was extremely needy and insecure. Hence Rachel asking for the break. And while technically not cheating, sleeping with some random that very day was pretty low. And Rachel, when they weren’t together it was always a case of... I don’t want you but I don’t want anyone else to have you either. While shoving all her other boyfriends in his face.

I love Friends! I also love how decades on, people still talk about ‘the break’ as if it happened in real life, not in a long gone sitcom 😂 Long Live Friends!

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Ross was right, they were on a break. To me that means single

OP Right?! Distasteful yes but he didn’t deserve the shit he coppedZ
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Yes they we're. But Ross should not have slept with the chick. I love friends so much

 But they were on a break!
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 And he downgraded massively.
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 If you and your husband were on a break, would it be okay for him to f**k someone the same night you went on that break?
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