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Current political events US edition

Yes the murder of George Floyd is tragic (not arguing that). But......
-out of the thousands of police officers in that country, did the vast majority of them kill him? Or should all this anger and outrage be focused more on the small group who did the wrong thing? Make them an example?
-the mayor of Washington DC imposed a curfew before Trump went to St Johns for his photo op. The police began the arduous task of moving protesters along to have the streets cleared by then, regardless of whether the president would be there or not. Also, he's the country's leader, there are literally teams of people whose sole job it is to protect him. Obviously he needs a secure area when he's out on the street.
-at no point did POTUS object to protesters, he condemned the RIOTERS. Peaceful protest is protected by their constitution.
-why is it suddenly ok for people to stop social distancing? A few weeks ago it was unheard of but now 'lets form a human chain and burn down an innocent business'?


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Cut and paste because I don't have time to educate everyone. Stop watching the 6pm news & thinking you know the facts. Are there really that many younger Australians out there who don't know the African American history in America?

I've seen footage of undercover cops sneaking in the crowds of protesters, cops packing their swat trucks with bricks, mysterious white men dressed head to toe in black breaking shop windows and then walking away. There's plenty of information out there on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and insta. This isn't just two imposing sides in this. There's so much going on under the surface. Different organisations with different agendas. Educate yourself.

 Love it ❤👍
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 Yes. This. So much going on under the surface, has been covered up and has been going on for decades. People are angry, and with good reason. Systematic racism and discrimination has become the normal.
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 I saw a photo of a cop looting. Well, really it was an old photo that had been cropped of a cop helping a man load boxes of Nike’s into his car, but it was portrayed as current and looting. Not everything on social media is how it is portrayed.
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  Yes but if you research and dont take everything at face value you can usually pick through fake stuff.
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The murder of Flloyd is not an isolated case. Black peoples are brutalised by the police all the time. If people are silent it will continue to happen. Are you old enough to recall Rodney King and the riots that happened after that.

The rioting and looting are separate groups. Anarchists and local terrorists who have taken this opportunity to further their ‘cause’.

Tensions were already pretty high thanks to to covid crisis and social distancing seems to be forgotten yes. Cases will No doubt spike again.

 This is probably the most sensible response on here.
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 This is true. Majority of the protesters are doing it peacefully. The rest are just criminals
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Well said OP. Finally a well thought out, sensible response to the madness.

This is disgusting. If you can’t see why people are angry then you’ve obviously never been discriminated against or part of a minority.
The protesters were tear gassed by trumps team. They were there handing out food and eye wash. The church in question has completely denied any connection to trump- he is not a member of their congregation and never has been. He used it as a publicity stunt. The church knew the protesters were there and they had permission. Trump did not.
The “not all cops” argument is a pile of [email protected] If cops can stand by and watch a man die and it’s happened many times before- then they system is broken, it allows for racism and protects the ‘bad cops’.

The only reason tensions are this high is because people are out of work and have nothing better to do. It will be interesting to see if the Covid deaths rise in a few weeks after all these people have been standing close to each other.

Why was he being arrested?

 Trying to spend a counterfeit $20 nite
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 His erratic behaviour was fueled by drugs. The autopsy showed he had taken several types of drugs :(
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 So he deserved to die? Talk about victim blaming....
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 Alleged counterfeit note. He didn’t resist arrest, he wasn’t violent, he was negging for his life.
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 ^ calm down. No-one said he deserved to die. Don't put words in peoples mouths
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 Did he deserve to die? No. Am I sad that a man who held a gun to a woman’s stomach during a home invasion is dead? No.
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 ^ tell me more please. I've not heard this one. Thankyou
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 You’re trying to paint the victim in a negative light. Say all the bad stuff he ever did. That’s pretty [email protected]
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 Are toy going to talk about all the shi!!y stuff the cop had done!?!? There’s a looooing list of complaints against him so he’s hardly a first offender
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 Y'all need to calm the f**k down. Why do you people have to try and disect every little thing someone types. You have an overactive imagination and are trying to stir shit where there is none. Grow up. My teenagers act more mature than you
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 It's a passionate subject for some people.
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 Sure is. I love reading other peoples thoughts and opinions but It gets a bit tiring when people make assumptions about everyone elses posts. Oh well. I'll still keep reading. It's important to keep an open mind 😊
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