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Husband going to bars solo on family holiday - how would you feel?

We have been in Thailand for 5 days ... My husband has been out 3/5 nights at bars. I'vr been in hotel with my children ... One of which has been sick with a cold and high temperature. We have a very tricky relationship and this is our once a year holiday. I am super mad that he thinks it's acceptable that he's galavanting around town bars himself On our holiday. Especially with the baby being sick I actually said to him please stay in and help and he still went off. Am I over reacting? On the first night he also spent nearly half of our daily budget on alcohol when he went out solo and that also made me mad. what makes me even madder is he just came back from a boys holiday of 2 weeks before arriving in Thailand. Am I right to be mad or just getting mad for nothing?? Yesterday he went to watch football which end at 11pm and came back to hotel at 2am

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Of course that is unacceptable. He clearly has no respect for you and no care for your sick child. Yep, dump his arse. And get an std check too.

Ah i think what everyone said on the last post still applies. Dump his a*s when you get home.

Oh hell no. Change your flight details and get home ASAP. Clear out the bank account and move all his shit out of your house. Scum like that deserve to be treated like the pathetic worms they are.

That's disgusting. Maybe a one off where he still comes back at a decent hour but not this late and not every night. I'm sorry hon but drinking by yourself for that long is boring he's up to something more

Get moved to a different room and don’t tell him. What a prick.

He’s having fun being a sex tourist while you’re stuck in your hotel room with the kids. What a creep. Go home and don’t tell him. Get locks changed and toss all his shit.