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Success Stories?

I need motivation.
Does anyone have any experiences starting off with nothing then having what they wanted in the end/success ect?


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I grew up in housing commission, with divorced, drug using, alcoholic parents. Most of the kids I went to school with were the same. The cycle typically repeated. I always thought I'd end up a fat single mum unhappy with my life and addicted to something. In about year 8, most of the girls in my year were already having sex and using drugs. My entire immediate family (parents, stepparents, siblings) were using too. I organised to change schools to an out of area one. I made new friends. I finally saw a chance at a different future.
I tried to do it the shitty way though. I only dated boys from "rich" (not typically rich, usually just upper middle class) families. Because I wanted to have the best chance at marrying up.
Haha I fell in love with, and married a tradie. He grew up in a similar situation to me, and together we built ourselves up. We're not wealthy, but we're paying off our own home, we send our kids to a good school, and neither of us drink or use drugs.
We've come so far from the houso kids we were. We've sacrificed and scrimped and saved our way to being the respectable family we are now with no hand outs from our parents. I'm so proud of the life we've made.

 This is similar to my story, I've written a few times in here before about how my husband and I escaped generational poverty, criminal, drug addict, houso families.
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 Do your family ask for handouts? I know someone coming from the same background as you, I find it unbelievable how often they ask her for $. Her sister expected her to ‘help pay off her Christmas lay buys. Over 2k worth of stuff, including a tv and a xbox. She had only paid $300 off them, I think she thought asking in front of me would result in a yes!!!

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 OPOTC (OP of the comment): my family don't ask for handouts. Not since I left home. I do help them out though but they have never ever asked for it. I think a lot of it has to do with my husband being the breadwinner now and I'm a stay at home mum. They wouldn't dream of asking my husband for money so they don't ask me (because they know I'd have to talk with him about it).
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 Second responder here... my family DO ask for handouts, they call us "lucky" all the time.
It definitely wasn't luck, it was hard work and determination.
We help our mums sometimes and have bailed out our siblings a handful of times but even my extended family, cousins etc put their hands out.

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I grew up much like some of these other stories. Sexually abused by a family member consistently from so young I can't even remember when it started, as well as by others along the way (I need two hands to count them all, and even then I know there're more I can't remember). My childhood home was one of sexual abuse, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, domestic abuse and, worst of all, mental abuse. We were poor. My dad tried to scrape by; he put all our money into paying the house off. Then he left. And then we were DIRT poor. My mum and her new boyfriend both worked minimum wage jobs but were hopeless with money. They gradually redrew all the money my dad had paid off the house (He had left us with only $8,000 left to pay off the mortgage) and they ended up with more debt than the house was worth. They sold up and fled the country, leaving us 3 kids behind. I was 18 and had already moved out so I was ok (somewhat) - not the case for my 14 year old sister though who ended up living with her boyfriend to avoid homelessness, and was pregnant within the year. Now comes the montage of abusive boyfriends and generally fu***d up relationships, binge drinking, drugs, job hopping and getting fired, getting myself into debt, countless interstate moves searching for who the f**k I was, what I was doing, where I even belonged and what the f**k was the point of it all?.. And then I fell pregnant on a one night stand.

All of a sudden life had purpose. All of a sudden I discovered love. All of a sudden I had something to live for. I had never loved myself enough to want to be alive, but this little human? I loved her so much now I was afraid to die. I didn't drink. I didn't take drugs. I settled down. Because I raised the standard of myself I started attracting (or noticing) a higher standard of men, and I met an amazing man who has helped me raise our little girl, plus another couple of our own.

Life was perfect.

And then I was diagnosed with ADHD. I discovered why I had never been able to hold a job and why things don't seem to work for me the way they do for others. And so I started my own business so I could build it around the way I do things and I can outsource the parts I can't do - I have built it so that eventually I will be able to outsource everything and it will be (90%) passive income. It doesn't make us HUGE amounts of money, but it does OK and I'm proud of the fact I was able to take ADHD and turn it on it's head. And together with my partner we also started his business, which does do pretty well.

Life is even more perfect.

In 2 years, as soon as our youngest is in Kindy, I am going back to uni to finish my degree in Psychology - Only this time I will be able to complete it because now I have the awareness of ADHD and I know exactly why I struggled the first time around. Once I'm qualified I'm going to open my own practice, specialising in Learning Disabilities in adults (something my city desperately needs, as I discovered through the journey of my ADHD diagnosis). And I'll still be earning money while I study full time thanks to the passive income from my business.

Life is still getting better.

 Omg I actually just shed a tear for you, for what you’ve endured I’m sorry. And for what you are and your story is amazing, and you wrote it so well.
I’m in awe of you for finding yourself and being such an amazing inspiration

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 💕💕💕 You can do it girl..
I came from like you. Learnt my both abilities and disabilities with uni degree and now in last semester of social work degree. Tell your story to your teachers and to good friends. They will help you and look after you when you are at studies.. thats what my teachers did for me... 💕

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Read working class boy by my good mate
Jimmy Barnes

 It's a great read
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Not me but my parents. They were very very poor, couldn't afford to feed us after my dad lost his job, couldn't afford to send us to school etc. My nan had to pay for us to go to school (just the uniform). They had no where to live so my mother lied and said she was a single mum do they could get a house. They struggled alot, until my mum got a job. Then my dad got a job, worked his way up over 5 years, so did my mum and now they own (yes own) 3 properties, both cars and have around 700k in the bank.
I really hope my hubby and I could do that. But that took 30 years to get to where they are now.

My parents are a. Super success story, teen parents.(15) now have a company that their take home wage is in the millions.

I still consider myself a success story, I grew up a rich kid, iv been given a lot of money but I turned it all into my own generating money. I created a passive income that we live off with young kids... I was really smart with the money I asked for and paid it back.
My brother is super successful as well.we had a good life but turned it into our own after 18.

(Though I must say mum and dad went broke with business twice and it was only from around 12 we really came into wealth as a family. So we’ve lived the other side where my mum skipped meals to feed us and borrowed 10k off friends to buy what became their big success. )

Even though we had access and we didn’t “make it on our own” we took the leg up and used it to our own advantage.

I don’t have exactly what you are after; however, my grandparents and parents were quite poor (from another country) we moved here and my parents tried really hard. Saved and bought a house. Worked their butts off. I finished school, got a pretty decent job just with school quals and saved hard too while living at home. After 5 years I bought a house. I still have a mortgage but I didn’t buy it with anyone. I sacrificed partying and drinking and lost friendships staying home but I’m proud of owning my own home.
Everyone is different. Certain ppl would rather have a fun ‘youth’ or travel the world and I chose not to do that but I’m proud of where I’m at in life.
My point is: figure out what matters to you the most.
Being a good parent, friend, wife. Saving hard to buy something. Or studying hard to get the job you want for yourself. Whatever it is, YOU CAN DO IT!

I was opposed
Rich family and ended pregnant at 12 to a 24 year old and 8 years later still together and happy in our housing home

 I hope to god this is not true, because if it is, you're a little long in the tooth for the creep. Your child is in danger. Because he's a paedo
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