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Breakfast Protein Kids

I need to add protein to my child breakfast apart from eggs, beans is there some sort of protein powder for kids that I could purchase to add to smoothies or youghurt.

They can’t have chai seeds, oats toast ect


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Sounds weird but could you add tofu to smoothies? If they have fruit in them too should cover the taste maybe?

 Thanks I will give it a try
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 Great idea
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Can you make a brekky pie with liver, bacon, onion gravy?

 Thanks I don’t think they would eat that
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 I wouldn't eat it either 😂
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 Neither would I !
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 They might if they don't know what it is
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 Because they are fussy and refuse to eat at daycare no matter what is offered no matter if they cook the food or I send food in. They will eat when they get home some really wanting to give them a good dose of protein ect to help them get through the day
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 Damn kids, mine is the same
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 Mine was like this at daycare too!
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Kids protein powder

 Can I ask is there a particular brand
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 try Topeka protein
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 I use the Natures Way Protein powders for the whole family.
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Mine ones were the same, so now breakfast is always big and full of different foods. They used to have cereal at home and barley touched food at kindy. Strangley bigger brekky helped them with appetite at school and they eat most of their lunch now.
I add to smoothies: hemp seeds, green powders ( like spirullina etc), spinach, avocado, almonds ( soaked for less crunch), pepitas, sunflower seeds, tahini and natural greek yoghurt.
Loaded scrambled eggs (with leftover baked salmon, mushrooms, spinach, good quality ham, leftover roast lamb, parmesan, feta, capsicum, baked leftover veggies etc )
Guacamole with baked pita bread/ toast plus greek yoghurt, veggie sticks
Pancakes, egg based and I add either blended pumpkin, banana, spinach or sweet potatoes, served with honey or maple syrup.
Occasionally roasted sweet potato chips with side of eggs, avocado etc.
Corn or zuccini fritters,
Savoury muffins ( paleo kind for protein kick)

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Protein enriched yoghurt in smoothie? Gluten free weetbix with a bit of sugar and hot water to soften then use protein yoghurt as the ‘milk’. Keeps my son who is always hungry full for ages.

My kids occasionally have a can of tuna or salmon mixed with mayonnaise (and a bit of salt) at breakfast time.

One of my kids likes dinner leftovers for breakfast, so whatever protein you had for dinner try offering it for breakfast.

Hemp seeds! Tasteless and they even have them in Coles now in the health food isle.

Make banana egg pancakes with buckwheat flour (gluten free)

Could make rice congee and serve with chicken or salmon (plus veg if you can).

Just checking, is the reason they can't have chia seeds, oats, toast etc because of allergies/ intolerance, or is it because of the fussiness?

 Bevause of allergies/intolerance same with soy
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Chick pea pattie? Pancakes with added chick pea flour?

Milk powder?

 I don’t think milk powder has much protein does it
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If you use protein powder, make sure to check the sugar content.

 Thanks I definitely will
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 Thanks as said can’t use oats
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