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Happy Father's Day to single mums

What are you doing today ?


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Oh for the love of God. It is father's day not single mum day. Its about those that are dad's or take on the role of dad. You don't get to do that. You aren't mum and dad. You are just mum who may end up working harder due to lack of dad. You get your day for mothers day.
Unless you have a penis between your legs it will not be your day. Now can we stop with the garbage.

 Are you a single mum. Because if you are not stfu. Unless you have a brain, close your trap.
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I am a sole-single parent-mum! And I am definitely celebrating today. No you cannot replace a father, but sometimes, you have no choice but to be both the father and the mother. I wont settle for any guy and bring this person into my and 3 children's life. My kids and their safety and their everything comes first. I am willing to wait for the right guy-a good guy, a guy that has the same standards or similar to mine, not just any guy-that could or might possibly be a father replacement for my kids-. But today, I dont have a partner or husband and my kids do not have a father. So instead they made presents for me and celebrated with me, by acknowledging that I was doing both roles, that I love them and appreciate the gifts they made for me and we did arts and crafts, watched a movie, did gardening (ok they watched me garden) and then tonight my brother will come over and have dinner with us and my kids will give him his presents and thank him and acknowledge that he is an awesome male role in their young life. We have rung and told all the male role models that we love them and that we thank them for picking up the slack. Its not perfect and we dont have a father in my kids life, but we dont let today beat us down, its my fathers day, but it is my kids "male role model day" and you know what thats ok too. Have an awesome fathers day everyone. I know I am with my kids and my Dad!!

I am a single mum. Thanks although this statement shits me! No matter how awesome of a mother you are you cannot replace a father.
btw I am spending the day doing damage control as my kids dad has let them down yet again and didn't turn up to spend time with them 😕

 What an asshole 😠
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 Auctually I would like to freeze him in liquid nitrogen and smash him up into little bits after this morning!
The teachers aide at school asked my son if his daddy liked the back scratcher that she helped him pick from the school Father's Day store. The look on his face made me cry all the way to work ☹️

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I think each to their own. But here is my 2 cents anyway. I do think a single mum celebrating Father's Day is OTT. Isn't that what they have Mother's Day for? I understand the kids making stuff at school for their mums so they aren't feeling left out etc. But why celebrate the day at all? Do single mums need more gratification? We are all mums, doing our best. Some doing it tougher, of course. But all of us having a hard job raising our kids on our own or with a partner.

In saying all of that, if you believe as a single mum you deserve Father's Day, then that is entirely up to you. Mother's Day and Father's Day are not huge events in our house so this probably influences my thoughts on the subject.

And no, I'm not a single mum. But my mum was. And she didn't feel the need to celebrate Father's Day. And as making cards and gifts at school and buying from stalls at lunch time and having special afternoons to spoil mum or dad wasn't really a thing back in 'my day', it really was a non event for us.

I'm celebrating the stand ins. My brother, my step dad, my best friend... these are the men who step up and handle father daughter events, coach sports, scout camp outs, etc. I cannot be a guy, and there are other things I just can't do. So today we thank and appreciate all the men in our life who pick up Dads considerable slack. We mothers get our own day. Today is not for us.

Yeah I don't like this either. I am a single parent as far as parenting goes etc. My ex does not see our kids very often at all, it's actually once yearly at present and I still don't want to claim fathers day for myself. It's for Dad's. I usually just completely ignore the day and pretend it doesn't exist (my dad is not in my life). But today I took my partner out for lunch with his kids because he deserves it, he's an awesome Dad.