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Starting to fall for my FB, don’t want to give him up but don’t want to get feelings for him

I have FB who is amazing in bed. He makes sure that I’m pleased and treats me well. The problem is that we got personal with each other. We message each other almost every day, and it isn’t just about sex or pictures, it’s also about our lives. The more I get to know him, the more I want to turn this into something more. The problem is we have both been hurt before and neither of us want to go through that again. It was just meant to be emotionless sex, but somehow it feels more than that, especially with some of the messages we send each other.
I don’t want to give up the amazing sex, but I don’t know how to stop these feelings. How can I stop these feelings and still keep it as is?

I can’t get hurt again, he can’t get hurt again. But every time his name comes up on my phone I can’t help but smile.


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Maybe you should tell him you're falling for him, and you want to end it because you don't want to get hurt.

Stop sleeping with him or take a leap of faith. You have one life don't waste it on playing it safe. No risk no reward.

There is always a risk of being hurt every time you enter a relationship. So really there is no guarantee that you won’t get hurt again, unless you want just a string of FBs. But, it sounds like you really are falling for him and him you so isn’t that risk worth it? He could be the one you’re meant to grow old with. You have to ask yourself, can you live with the regret of at least not giving it a go?

Maybe this time you should give it a chance. Maybe you are both falling in love. I think it sounds beautiful.
I hope you give it a chance. It doesn't mean you'll get hurt, maybe you are meant to be together ❤

I fell in love with my FB. That was 15yrs ago. Now I'm married to him. Been married for 11yrs ago and had 2 kids. Lol

Bring a bit of filth into your sex talk about being a HO and see if he stays or runs. Show him the dirty side of you too

Why wouldn’t you just allow yourself to love him? Since it sounds like you have already fallen for him?

If you truly don’t want to fall for him (which it sounds too late) then cut him out of your life 100%?

 Exactly, if you had no plans to get feelings, you wouldn't have gotten a FB 😂 these things seem to get complicated
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