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Noisy neighbours

I live in a quiet street with my husband and young kids. The street is quiet except for one of my neighbours. They play music full blast and seem to be forever fighting either among themselves or over the phone at top volume. The fights are bad the language used is horrid not something I want my 4year old learning. Is there anything I can do to put a stop to it? I don’t know the full situation but they are not renting it’s just the people living there now are not the same people who were living there when we bought our house (no they did not sell their house either). Not sure what to do I don’t necessarily want to approach them they really don’t seem friendly. Ideas? And no us selling is not an option.


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Maybe when they start fighting put some of your music on to cover the noise? Personally, I like the wiggles or the hooley dooleys. Both are just annoying enough to get stuck in the neighbours heads, but not obnoxious enough to seem malicious.
I've also made it a point to teach my kids about adult words and how they're not to say them. Some words are only for adults and if I hear any of my 4 saying them, I'll wash their filthy mouths out with soap and holy water (something my mammy used to tell us growing up).
I know that at 4 years old, he's still a baby in your eyes, but he's old enough to understand that these people are behaving inappropriately. I think you can sit down and have a good talk with him about it.

This sounds a lot like someone in my street. Maybe we’re neighbors!