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I want to go home

Hubby and I arrived to your holiday destination and for 5 hours his kids kept picking on my kids and my partner didn’t tell them off and when I told them off he snapped at me
When we arrived here his kids said is this where we are staying ? I said yes and the kids said I wasn’t tslking to you
Every time we go on a holiday his kids whine

How do I cope on family holidays ?


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Lol. This was me a few months ago. I got up early with my kids and went out and did our own thing. Hugs time apart is what you need.

I feel your pain. I am away with friends and we brought my step daughter. Poor thing isn't having much fun. She doesn't like sleeping in the lounge on the floor with the other kids, doesn't like being woken early, upset because the kids all out voted her movie choice, sulked because she didn't get a kinder surprise yesterday, is currently complaining because she can't have a shower unil last ( she used all the hot water yesterday so she gets the last probably cold shower today). I told her if she likes she can go home today.

Hopefully today is better for you. Your partner needs to back you in telling his kids it’s not ok to speak to you that way.