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Kids are being lazy

My 5 kids refuse to clean up after themselves. I have taken all toys, books etc away from them. They haven’t had tv or iPad time in months. They just make massive messes with their clothes. I have already thrown a garbage bag of clothes out, well to the op shop. I have no idea what else to do?
They don’t get to do fun activities or go with their friends as until things start changing I won’t let them go out. Please any tips that got your kids cleaning. Ages are 11, 8, 8, 4 and 2. Thank you


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They are probably bored shitless and overwhelmed. Take them somewhere everyday in the holidays and get them to do some specific jobs before going, like your 11 year old can fold some washing, your 8 year olds can do the dishes and your 4 year old can wipe the table. Keep the jobs simple and put a hurry on it, like quick we have 20 minutes before we leave and we HAVE to do these jobs before we go! Make it sound urgent, don't give them time to think about it and whinge.

My kids are similar ages. I find that they get overwhelmed with the mess and just don't know where to start so they don't bother. For me taking one child at a time to their room and literally sitting down with them and pointing to a toy "pick that up" pointing to where you want them to put it "put it there" and just showing them how to clean up, seemed to help. It's time consuming initially and takes forever the first few times, but after a few times you just go in and start them off pointing to a few things to show them how to start, then asking them to keep going and they'll do it on their own.
You and I know what we mean by "clean up" but as silly as it sounds, kids don't actually know HOW to clean up, unless you show them. And the bigger the mess the more overwhelmed they get.

As someone said they are bored.
Give them limited toys and easy storage. You might have to nag and stand over them a bit but slowly they will get used to putting stuff away.