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Has anyone had a baby and had to return to full-time work after 6 month maternity leave, And is using daycare full-time?

Do you feel guilty? How do you cope? How do you balance work/home life/baby?


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I went back to work 3 days a week when my second was 10 months and that took while to get myself into a good routine. Is it possible to start off 3 or 4 days for a month or so just to ease your way into it.
Best advice is to be organised and do as much prep the night before for the next day, also cook dinners that can cover more than one night eg food that freezes well or roast chicken one night then wraps the night after with left over meat.
With regard to feeling guilty, I think all mums feel guilty over different things. You made a choice to go back to work full time so own that decision and screw anyone that tries to make you feel bad about it. There is nothing wrong with returning to full time work to provide for your family

Yep. I’ve got three kids. Went back to work full time when each turned 5months, I worked until each was born with permission from my dr. I did have a week off before one arrived. My kids have all been in FT care from a young age. I’ve always found the first year in care they seem to pick up lots of illnesses and things but they either go through that terrible patch then, or when they start kinder/school. I would have loved to have stayed at home longer but for financial reasons, and my sanity with baby 1 (PND), it was a matter of necessity that I returned to work. They are all very well adjusted and loving life. Not for everyone but worked for me.
I am particularly organised.
Friday night I work out what we’re eating the following week. I order the stuff online. Woolies delivers it Sunday morning. As I unpack the food I prepare the meals. Usually all done by 10am. Takes the pressure off when you leave home at 730 and don’t get home til 6pm each day.
When I’m not at work, I spend EVERY moment with my children. And I love it.

 That is so nice to read, I feel like you are just what the op needs. I feel soo guilty dropping my child off and I don’t even do part time. The only thing I can suggest is that you find a good daycare, I think they are usually quite obvious to spot.
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 Raise your babies
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 ^shut your mouth.
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 Are you able to share what sort of meals you prepare the week? I would like to do this myself, but am stuck with meal ideas.
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 For the person who said ‘raise your babies’, I have, I am and I am extremely independent. It’s taken a long time for me to realise that by working, contributing to the economy and being reliant on no one, I’m setting a good example. I have a social conscience about doing the right thing. I haven’t had an easy life, but I’ve grown to accept things for what they are and not accept being unhappy as an option for me or my children. They are 14, 7 and 3 and bloody marvellous. Stay at home mumming hasn’t been an option for me, having PND multiple times, making the kids stay home with me would have been doing their young lives a complete disservice. I’m mature and sensible to realise that. Thank you for your feedback though. I
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I actually use Jody Allen’s book for a lot of the recipes and Michelle bridges recipes too. My kids are pretty good with what they eat, I like to home cook almost everything, they take cut lunches to school and I bake for other people as a ‘nice thing to do’ most weekends.

Mexican chicken and salad wraps
Pork fillets with sweet potato mash, green beans and pan fried apples
Beef and veg stir fry w rice
Steak Normanby.
Irish stew
Slow cooked roast w veg
Bolognaise (not often though)
Fish curry (a sweet curry with thick white fish)
Chicken and seeded mustard casserole/bake
Steak and Veg (can’t cook ahead of time but it a fav in our house)
Braised shanks or forequarter chops
Homemade pizzas.

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 By definition RAISING children includes providing for them. Ignore the trolls. They lack the mental comprehension to understand that many of us can succesfully balance work and bringing up children because they wouldnt be able to.
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Lucky all of you I had 3 days off

 Why have a baby ?
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 Who looked after baby from 3 days?
Some people can't afford to stay at home. That doesnt mean they can't afford to have children.
Some people don't have husbands or wives with $180,000 a year jobs.

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 My mother luckily. My ex threw his job in a week before the birth and wouldn’t go back to work. It was DV situation and I had to suck it up. I had kids to provide for after that I got a DVO and left
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 Good on you for getting out of there eventually!! Messy situation
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  I'm calling bullshit.

Its illegal for an employer to have their worker working before 6 weeks after birth.

6 weeks off is minimum requirement.

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 Bullshit you can go back to work any time after giving birth there is no legal requirement at all under any act that is classed as discrimination
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 I did playgroup with a lady who went back to working at centrelink after baby was a week old, so no not illegal!
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 Also, now that I think about it, I went back to work after having my now 14 year old when she was 4 weeks old! And dad looked after her
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 My work has a requirement that you cannot return to work until 6 weeks after having a baby but we get paid maternity leave so they can have that requirement
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 My hubby earns $70k a year and we budget for our family of 5
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 Selfish bi****s
Be a mum and stay home for at least 5 mths
The baby needs to bond with mum

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 Yeah, so selfish for getting.her.kid.out.of.a.domestic.violence situation. You do realise kids get taken away from their parents by social workers if the mum is in a known DV situation anyway? Stop being such a lazy pathetic troll and do something useful with your life.
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 After I made it out of the DV I took time for my kids and myself to relax and recover as we moved in with my parents. So take a seat
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