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sexual fantasy involving husband and other women

has anyone had this fantasy. i recenty thought about it and it started making me extremely horny to think of my husband with other women. how do i go about telling him? i dont want to scare him.


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Perfect thought I just had - tell him you had a dream last night that he was having sex with another woman, and that instead of feeling angry or jealous, it made you horny and wet instead!!!?!

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 This is such a good Segway. Love it
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Been there done that, not as erotic as one may think, somethings are best to stay a fantasy

 Been there done that also. Mind blowing for us
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The thought of a threesome with hubby makes me horny to just think about. Always has, but yet to act upon it

Do you want to watch? Sounds like the female version of cuckold.

 What’s that?
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 It’s where a husband watched his wife have sex with another man
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 Pornhub it
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Haha yes. I haven’t acted but who knows.. maybe one day