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Seperate under one roof

My husband and I have decided to seperate, but I have no support so we are going to try this. Has anybody succesfully dine it? How did you split the household? Any advice will be so much appreciated! I am trying to get more info before I go to CL on Monday.


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My husband dated a woman in this situation. I think strict rules, a mutual want for it to succeed, and, most of all, respect, are all essential.
If you have those I definitely think it could work.

I dated a,man who lived with his ex, it worked really well for them. They had a lot of rules and both wanted it to work.

Do you mean live together until you can move, or live like that permanently?

 Live like this for the next 6-8 months until I am in a position to move out.
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 I think six months is the most clink will allow payment wise.
I guess if you get along well enough to treat each other with respect and follow a few rules that you agree on it could work.

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