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Have any of you mums gotten a tattoo while breastfeeding.???

A cousins of mine is planning on getting a tattoo in the next few weeks but she is still breastfeeding her 6 month old and still plans too even tho she is breast feeding. Has anyone had experience with this.? Internet has a whole heap of mixed reviews. I always assumed it was a HUGE no no


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I would automatically assume a big no no. Honestly what’s fhe big deal, why can’t she just wait 6 months or so

I got one while breastfeeding. They told me that my milk production may go down a little while it was healing, but other than that had no issue getting it done.

 Can I ask the rough size of the tattoo?
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 Maybe 30cm by about 15cm? It covers most of the side of my leg from ankle to knee
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Gotten is not a word

 It's common (and acceptable) in North American English, but not British English.
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 🙄 who cares
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The tattoo artist can (and most studios do) refuse to tattoo pregnant or breastfeeding women. Does she know it could be dangerous? I had no idea it was an issue until I booked in for my first tattoo. Then when I was reading their tips on how to make the day run smoother it hit me (fyi I cancelled the appointment, I wasn't 100% sure about getting one anyway). She may not know it can be unsafe. Maybe you could talk to her about it.

 Or find out where she is getting it and tip them off.
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I didn't realise there was danger in it.. I plan to breastfeed as long as possible, until about 3 years or earlier if they wean themselves /seem ready to stop. That's a long time to wait after being pregnant (2 miscarriages, one successful pregnancy) or trying to conceive for over 3 years before that.

You must be my cousin 😂..because I am currently breastfeeding my 6.5 month old and intend to keep doing so...and I have been wanting to get 3 tatts in like, forever! And yes, you are right, the internet has mixed reviews. I automatically assumed they would not do it if still feeding. So, if anyone has got one while breastfeeding I'd love to know!

No, but I did 'get' one 😂😂 (but not while pregnant, I'm not that dumb or selfish).

I had no idea till I went to get one.
She might not know

What's dangerous about it? I assume the risk of blood Bourne infections if the equipment is not properly sterilised? I assume that would be an extremely low risk if you knew they sterilise everything appropriately....